Ruralwave Home Internet Plans

Ignite Internet Now Available
In Select Areas!

Fibre-Powered Internet / Up To 1.5GB Download Speed / Unlimited Monthly Usage
For more information on Ignite Internet packages and pricing, visit the Rogers website to confirm services and then Contact Ruralwave to order.

Ruralwave Home Internet Plans

View our service areas to see if fibre, cable or fixed wireless Internet is available in your community.

(Up To)
 Upload Speed
(Up To)
Data Usage Monthly Price
WHI (Wireless Home Internet)
Power Plan 100S 100MBPS 100MBPS Unlimited $104.99
Power Plan 60S 60MBPS 60MBPS Unlimited $94.99
Power Plan 30S 30MBPS 30MBPS Unlimited $79.99
Basic Internet 25MBPS 5MBPS Unlimited $69.99
Fibre Internet
1GBuf 1GBPS 500MBPS Unlimited $160.00
500uf 500MBPS 350MBPS Unlimited $145.00
150uf 150MBPS 150MBPS Unlimited $115.00
50uf 50MBPS 50MBPS Unlimited $85.00
Cable Internet
Advantage 250MBPS 25MBPS Unlimited $150.00
Rewards 100MBPS 10MBPS Unlimited $105.00
Rewards Lite 50MBPS 5MBPS Unlimited $85.00
Life 25MBPS 2MBPS Unlimited $65.00

Residential Phone Plans – Only $10/mo For The First Year When Bundled With Internet Or TV.