Dear Homeowner,

We at Ruralwave would like to share some exciting news about the services we will be bringing to your community this year. Ruralwave provides reliable and affordable Fibre-powered Internet to rural residents and businesses in Central and Eastern Ontario.

Ruralwave will begin construction in your community this summer to provide Fibre-To-The-Home Internet to you and your neighbours. Fibre offers more bandwidth and can span long distances, which makes it  future-proof.

In order to bring Fibre Internet to your home, we will need the property owner’s consent.

The work on your property will include  either running an aerial line or making a narrow pathway slightly below ground for the Fibre cable, attaching the cable to the exterior of your home, and putting a small coil of wire to the side of your house. Our  technicians will determine what is best for your home based on location and surrounding infrastructure. We will be responsible only for claims you may have that the work we do has not been completed as specified.

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